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Various Predictions for Business Property in Indonesia 2023!!

imbbandung.com-In the new year of 2023, we will start to pay attention, and the economy, especially the real estate sector, will face many challenges. According to Director of Strategic Cushman & Wakefield Arief Rahardjo, many economic indicators from the current state of the global economy will have a limited impact on the Indonesian economy.

The global economic situation is likely to deteriorate, but Indonesia's economy is relatively small, making it difficult to establish a strong connection with the world economy. In addition, Indonesia has several natural resources that are in high demand worldwide, such as kelapa sawit, batubara, nikel, tembaga, and other items, making it a viable alternative to China as a source of outsourcing for manufacturers.

Other factors include the rupiah's relatively strong and stable value in comparison to those of other nations, as well as the excess of active trade. In the second half of 2022, several areas of our economy are expected to see increased business growth, particularly the real estate sector, which includes buildings used for offices, hotels, and even landed homes that are still growing.

A large market and a variety of changes that have affected society over the course of the last several years have also resulted in a significant need for a wide range of goods and real estate. This is due to the fact that more zealous manufacturers offer products with a variety of features designed to be combined with the skema of menarik pembiayaan that is sure to make the market more buoyant.

"There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to have our economy, specifically our real estate sector, run as optimistically as possible. The market trading now being conducted may be conducted using defensive strategies,Focus on the fundamentals of your business and implement a plan that's in line with the products you need to sell, said.

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